Windows Phone is Now More Marketable Than BlackBerry

03 Apr
windows phone

Windows Phone OS

New York, USA – Not yet crossed out the name Windows Phone from the list of Android and iOS competitors. At least according to data from Net Applications, Microsoft’s operating system has been able to beat the BlackBerry.

A report released March 2013 data shows that the Windows Phone market share of 1.50%. Relatively small to place it at No. 4, under Java ME.

But the good news, Windows Phone is still better than the BlackBerry which occupies the 5th position with a market share of 1.38%. Similarly, as quoted from Neowin, Wednesday (04/03/2013).

This report is also bad news for BlackBerrry, because in fact the BlackBerry 10 and Z10 which was launched a few months ago was able to improve the position of the Canadian company.

When comparing achievement in February, the second position is not much different company. BlackBerry market share of 1.39%, while Windows Phone 1.39%. Well, while the first position is still dominated by iOS with a market share of 61.41% followed by Android with a share of 24.85%.

Previously, Microsoft claims sales of handsets based on Windows Phone has been quite encouraging. Even those states that Windows Phone more in demand than the BlackBerry and iPhone in some countries.

“Windows Phone market share reached 10% in some countries, and according to recent IDC report, beyond the BlackBerry shipment in 26 areas and surpassed iPhone in 7 countries,” said Frank X Shaw, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President.

However, Shaw did not explain in detail in any country Windows Phone beats iPhone and BlackBerry. While the IDC data taken may report last quarter of 2012.

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