Probe New Features in PES 2014

24 Mar
pes2013 ps4


Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2014 Konami is currently being made specifically for the latest generation of consoles, whether it PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720. A number of new features were embedded in it.

Due to present to a new generation of game consoles is more sophisticated, there is definitely some improvement PES 2014 than the previous series, especially the graphics sector is said increased sharply.

PES 2014 will be using a new game engine called the Fox Engine, Hideo Kojima made ​​engine used also for Metal Gear Solid Ground zeroes. There was also the physics technology that makes every player movements look natural.

Well, beyond that, there are still some other changes uncovered gaming magazine Edge. As quoted on Monday (11/03/2013).

  • Barycentre physics, this is a feature that allows the player movement looks more agile. Not only that, the body shape of each player was claimed to be different.
  • It also features collision, the effect of collisions between players while dribbling. The impact can vary, depending on which body part clashing. This effect has also been used in some versions of FIFA ago.
  • Photo realism, this is one phrase to describe how the level of graphics of PES 2014. Yes, PES 2014 focuses on the quality of the graphics are outstanding.
  • T-shirts are made of different parts of the body model. That is, player t-shirts can be torn or stretched when pulled by another player. Like the real is not it?
  • Radius controls the ball three times larger than the previous series.

So far the only feature of successful leaked, apart from the graphics it seems there are many other changes in terms of gameplay. PES 2014 is expected slid the end 2013.

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