One day, COD: Black Ops II Generate $ 500 Million

18 Nov


As expected, the premiere game Call of Duty: Black Ops II hugely successful. Even more than that, the results announced by Activision Blizzard, COD sequel is a fantastic success record numbers, ie half a billion dollars.

According to the game’s studio, COD: Black Ops II is able to produce a sales value of $ 500 million. A new record and a fantastic achievement considering it is printed within 24 hours aka the day after the game was officially released to the world. So that was quoted by the Financial Express, Saturday (11/17/2012).

The result is of course very beneficial not only in terms of purse money. Because according to the report, the good news makes Activision shares rose by 3%. Although one observer said, success is the result of a combination of COD and Skylander – Another game from Activision also launched to the game store.

What was achieved by COD: Black Ops II had passed from the Halo 4 being released almost simultaneously. Just a note, according to Microsoft, Halo 4 a day to reap sales of $ 220 million.

Indeed, the amount lost, but that number is quite remarkable, especially Halo 4 just released exclusively for the Xbox 360. Sales of that also allegedly beat the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and The Avengers the same period.

Just a note, the previous version of the COD games, the Modern Warfare 3 successful sales record $ 400 million in a single day. They need 16 days to make up the record sales of $ 1 billion.

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